Powerful Techniques to Help You Stick to Your Diet or Your Training

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Losing weight and get into shape, you’ll have some kind of training program and diet to follow. LIY has several programs you can find in our course section. This is the best way you can structure your efforts such that you will be able to see measured results and it gives you clear and defined goals to try and meet.

The only problem is, unlike LIY programs most training programs and diets aren’t exactly fun to stick to. If they were, you would already be eating healthily and working out regularly.

Keeping that in mind then, you’ll sometimes need to find ways to motivate yourself to keep training and this can be the difference between success and failure. Below are three little tricks that helped me when I began my lifestyle change, I would practice them every day until I no longer need to. I hope they help you as they did for me.

Carry a Picture

Carrying a picture in your wallet of your desired body shape is a great way to focus yourself. Ideally, this should be something that’s realistic and attainable for you – and a good starting point then is to aim for a shape that you’ve been in the past. I used a picture of a woman that was around my size when I was 18 lol yes I went way back. If you never were at ideal size in the past, find a picture of someone that you would look like realistically in the future. Pull that picture out from time to time to remind yourself what your goal is.

Make a Chain

You can also try using a technique that’s referred to as ‘not breaking the chain’. What this essentially means, is that you’re going to creating a visual chain of your successful days that will provide a visual incentive to keep trying.

Take your calendar then and for every day that you stick to your program, put a cross on the day. If you break your diet or skip your training, then no cross for you. I keep my calendar on my desk at work because I was in the office most of the day and it made it easy to update.

Over time, you’ll see that you have a long chain of Xs building up in a row and this can be immensely satisfying. Your goal now is simple: don’t break that chain!

While it might seem strange, once you’ve built up a nice long list of Xs it can be surprisingly hard to knowingly break that sequence. As such, you’ll potentially find it much easier to stick to your goals and to not cut corners!

Visualize Your Day

This one is simple and normally takes about 5 mins in the morning. When you get up in the morning think about your day and try to see a visual image of it. Think about what time you are going to eat, what food you are going to eat and making that X on your calendar for that day.

These are just a few techniques you can use that can make training and dieting that much easier – give it a go!

Comment below: What techniques work for you?

Live Well!

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