My Ten-Minute Workout Method

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I have always had trouble working out for long periods of time. An hour or even 30 minutes of exercise seems like excruciating torture. If that's you, you might benefit from my ten-minute workout method.

A little background about 10 minutes workouts, research has shown that working out even just for ten minutes has enormous health benefits. In fact, working out for ten minutes several times a day is about as beneficial as one long workout session. Some studies even show that this method of working out is better for you.

==> When Should You Do Your Workouts?

Ideally, you'll do these ten-minute workouts three to five times a day. My environment is restrictive so I do one set before work, one on my lunch break and one after work. But you can pick the times that work for you the best.

If you have a more liberal work environment, you might be able to take ten minutes off to do your routine during your workday. If that's the case, you might be able to fit in as many as five sessions a day. If you plan on doing your workouts at work, you might want to bring along a towel or a change of clothes just in case you work up a sweat.

==> What Should the Workout Consist Of?

With my workout, I focus on abs, cardio, and toning, what your ten-minute workouts consist of depends on what your health goals are.

I do at least one or two sessions of a primary focus on cardiovascular workouts. A ten-minute jogging session in the middle of the day can do wonders for your concentration. If you can't get out of the office, a ten-minute round of invisible jump rope can do the same.

If you want to build a toned body or develop firmer abs, doing one or two sessions of muscle building can also work. Spend your ten-minute session with either equipment-free muscle building exercises like squats or sit-ups, or use an easy to carry exercise band.

==> LIY 30-Day Challenge

Skeptical that doing ten minutes of working out a few times a day could really make a difference? To see for yourself, give it a 30 days to see how it affects you.

Make sure you commit to doing at least three ten-minute workout sessions every day. Notice how you feel energetically, mentally and emotionally after one or two weeks of doing these workouts.

Also, take note of how quickly you get out of breath. Do you find that you can push yourself further over time? Do you feel like you're getting healthier?

And finally, don’t forget to wear your fitness band and check your weight at the end of the 30-day period to see what this kind of workout routine has done for you. Chances are you'll find that it worked quite well.

What exercise that can be done at work for ten minutes? Comment below - remember your comment counts towards winning prizes!

Live Well!


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