Almonds - The Perfect Valentine’s Day Snack

Almonds are one of the best snack foods around. They are tasty, filling and supply you with an optimal mix of health-boosting nutrients. So this Valentine’s Day instead of gorging on unhealthy snacks why not give almonds a try? You and your date will feel more alert, have more energy and enjoy the day a whole lot more. In this article, I will be discussing some of the key nutrients in almonds which make them such an impressive Valentine’s Day snack.


Almonds contain high levels of manganese. This powerful nutrient is responsible for helping the body run efficiently by supporting the production of several important hormones. In addition to this, manganese helps your body break down carbohydrates, fats, and protein and utilize several key vitamins and minerals. Finally, it keeps your nervous system and reproductive system healthy.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in almonds. Its main role is to protect your body’s cells from dangerous free radicals. It also boosts your eyes and your nervous system. In addition to this, vitamin E protects against cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


Almonds are a fantastic source of magnesium. This impressive nutrient is needed to perform over 300 biochemical reactions inside your body. Some of its main roles include relaxing the muscles and nerves, improving blood flow and building strong healthy bones.

Monounsaturated Fat

Monounsaturated fats are a healthy fat that can be found in almonds. They can protect against cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In addition to this, they are needed by your body to fully utilize fat-soluble vitamins. Finally, monounsaturated fats can relieve painful inflammation within the body.


Almonds are a brilliant source of cell-building protein. The main role of this macronutrient is to build, maintain and repair your body’s cells. However, it also assists in the production of important chemicals, helps maintain fluid balance in the body and ensures that wounds heal properly.


Snacking on almonds this Valentine’s Day has countless benefits. However, if you are not that fond of plain almonds try one of the alternatives serving suggestions below:

Butter Fried Almonds:- Chop up some almonds and fry them in butter. Use them to garnish your main Valentine’s Day meal.

Sugar Coated Almonds:- Sugar-coated almonds can be purchased from most confectionary shops and are a perfect way for people with a sweet tooth to enjoy this nut. If you are going to be out and about carry a small bag with you so that you and your Valentine’s Day date can enjoy this sweet but healthy treat throughout the day.



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