LIY Low Carb Tracker

LIY Low Carb Tracker has all the pages you would expect it to have to help you  set realistic expectations, plan for the rough patches, plan your meals, track weight, process, key metrics and more.


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What's Inside

  • Clarify Your Why Worksheets

  • Measurement Tracker

  • Weight Tracker

  • Daily Food and Water Journal

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Weekly and 90 Day Goal Planners

  • Healthy Habit Reminders

  •  Weekly Meal Plans and Recipes

  • Undated, so you can start anytime

  • And More..... 


Only for a short time - Get this tracker for only


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Get a Free Copy of LIY's new E-Book 



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Here are some commonly asked questions to give you a better understanding of how the tracker works.


How Is This Different from Other trackers?


Most trackers and planners are just a repeating template of journaling lines, affirmations and daily checklists. This can be overwhelming, and honestly, not very fun! With the LIY Low Carb Tracker on the other hand, you choose your meals adventure every single day. When it's fun, it's easy—and more successful!

Does It Have a Planner?


Yes, the LIY Low Carb Tracker has a weekly and monthly planner. However, our approach is different. Instead of listing out endless to-dos and goals you will never achieve, we turn planning into a fun game.



Does It Help With Accountability?


Yes, the LIY Low Carb Tracker makes keeping yourself accountable easy. We meet weekly and go over how your week went



How Do Points & Rewards Work?


Life is more fun (and successful) when it's played like a game. With the LIY Low Carb Tracker, you not only earn points as you complete your daily journaling and challenges, but you set and unlock rewards as you stay consistent and committed. Never before has tracking carbs been so fun, failure-proof and accelerated.



Will It Work For Me?


Absolutely. The LIY Low Carb Tracker is designed to adapt to you.


Are There Blank Pages?


No, we tried to make the LIY Low Carb Tracker interactive with something fun to always


Does It Include Any Training?


Yes! We are committed to ensuring you get everything out of this tracker (and more), so we've included our Weight Loss Mindset


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The information on this web site is not medical advice - please consult a doctor before starting any diet plan or changing your eating habits.