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Dustin - Live Well Healer

“My only goal in life is to help people spiritually heal”

Dustin’s gift is helping you find a connection to something greater than yourself, be it friendship, community, a sense of virtue or meaning, he helps you to transcend the isolation you feel because of a lack of meaning, purpose in life or lack of connection.

Dustin also, responds to your comments, writes blog posts, hangs out in LIY meeting spot and LIYs go-to guy for all things IT. If you come across him say Hi!


Mel - Live Well Healer

"I have been there and done All that"

LIY describes Mel as her left and right hand..


Mel is the administrative arm of LIY Brand she takes care of making sure your needs are met she also handles appointments, flow ups, Mel certified in Hypnisos & CBT she specializes in weight loss and success coaching  


Brandon- LIY Content Manger

"Life is to short to hurt" - Live Well! 

No that's not Brandon!

Brandon handles LIY content from voice over, video creation, e-book layout, social post and everything else related to content. So if you see an error or LIY was miss quoted reach out to Brandon

Do you know who that is in the picture? E-mail us "Brandon Pic" and we will send you a gift!

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If you have a passion for helping people - love taking part in events and have a skill that would fit the LIY Brand drop your information below and Tammy LIY will reach out to you!  (she handpicks her team)

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